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Ms. Antanique

Once upon a time long, long ago… (LOL) Antanique and I had a photo shoot. I think we did a great job capturing her natural beauty and had plenty of of fun while doing it. I went back and re-edited the shots to give them a more current feel. Really looking forward to our next [...]

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Serena’s Photo Shoot

Serena did a wonderful job with this photo shoot. She wasn’t afraid to let loose and enjoy the moment and it showed in her photos. It is always fun to play with the editing a little… I did some cutting loose of my own and tried new editing techniques.

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Andrew Adding New Shots To His Portfolio

This was our second photo shoot together, so we were ready to make it happen! Andrew definitely isn’t shy in front of the camera and brings a steady stream of photographic creativity.

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Brittaney & Touche… The Engagement Shoot.

The weather has been a bit chilly as of late, but we were lucky enough to catch a break from the frigate onslaught of mother nature. Photo shoot time!!! At a comfortable 64 degrees and camera(s) in hand, Brittaney, Touche, and I set out on a photographic voyage. It was entertaining working with this young couple as we laughed, got great shots, and almost froze to death when it got dark. I hope you enjoy these engagement pictures as much as we did getting them.

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Fun Shoot With Ms. Pilar

The fun and always energetic Pilar brought her beauty and personality to the photo shoot… and it showed through her pictures. We definitely entertained ourselves and kept the laughs coming during these portraits. Can’t wait till the next shoot.

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Spicy Couple Photo Shoot With Erin James

The heat boiled through the camera lens in this photo shoot. Model Erin James brought forth a fire that needed to be captured on camera for her portfolio. Her boyfriend was kind enough to step in as an impromptu super model. He did his job well.

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What Portrait Photographers Do When No One Is Watching…

If you ever had the curiosity to find out what we Photographers do when there isn’t anyone around, this photo documentary is for you. There is a slight degree of boredom and the delusion that we have a vast abundance of free time.

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Carlia Helm In Fashion Couple Shoot

I had the opportunity to photograph Carlia, Houston based entrepreneuress, and her friend in a fashionable couple shoot. She brought her natural born modeling skills and creativity. We all had fun with this one!

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